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Frigerio Folding Arm Awnings

Entering the world of Frigerio Living lets you share our passion for the most stunning Italian design.

Colour Rich Fabrics
The colour of the acrylic fabric is locked right into the very core fibres during manufacturing. Dyed all the way through, thuis type of yarn ensures exceptionally long lasting, ultra vivid colours.

Fabric Type
The surface of the acrylic fibre has been modified to give it more body and improve its insulating capabilities, making the fabric more çlosed’and thus harder to penetrate, so you can enjoy better UV protection.

3 Types of folding arm awnings are available:

Europa-Semi Cassette (hood box)



The California folding arm awning boasts a large projection range, making it perfect for any residential or commercial application. With a wide range of fabric options, it can be moulded into your perfect design.



The Universa folding arm awning is a premium grade awning with a larger projection option.
The use of extruded aluminium makes the awning durable and weather resistant. Perfect for larger applications, the Universa creates the ultimate shade and sun protection.



With a state of the art designs, the Europa folding arm awning features a semi cassette, enabling superior resistance to the variable Australian weather.


Frame colours:
All of the Frigerio collections are available in a choice of 2 standard colours: white or black.
All frames can be powder-coated if a custom colour is required.
Opteration & Extras:
Folding arm awninings can be operated by crank (manual) or remote (motorisation)

Wind sensors can be added on as an extra (motorised option only)

Pitch control is also available.